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History, Benefits & Techniques of Thai fusion Oil Massage

The Thai fusion (oil) massage is a mixture of techniques that are brought together in one therapy session. Starting with the oils a massage is provided, paying attention to the energy lines in your body and then gentle manoeuvring and manipulation of your joints is added to overlap the strengths of various disciplines. If you are aching or feeling pain and in need of relaxation as well then this is the treatment for you.

If your working hours have been stressful and you can feel the tension building up in your neck, if you have been slouched over the computer for hours and your lower back feels like you have several kinks that want to dig into you every time you try and sit up straight then a Thai fusion massage could be for you. If the deadlines are coming in thick and fast and you are finding that your head is placed in your hands more times than not, then the Thai fusion massage is the practice that will relax you not only physical but emotionally and physiologically as well.

This fusion of techniques, each bringing their own strengths, will create a result that is powerful, energising, relaxing and healing, all at the same time.

What is the Thai fusion (oil) massage?

The Thai traditional massage was a form of treatment that spouses and children would perform on each other many centuries ago. As the use of elbows and feet are incorporated into the practice it became a therapy that individuals could practice upon themselves. Taken to Thailand with Buddhism, the Thai massage originated in Northern India by the Buddha’s physician Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. Beginning as a group of therapeutic yoga exercises and positions to loosen the muscles and their connective tissues, it was adapted to meet the needs of the Taiwanese people when it was imported.

During the Ayurveda era the energies within the human body became more defined. Ayurveda believes that human energies are unique to each individual. That they are defined at conception and that when we are born, these energies work in harmony to provide health and stability. Ayurveda deem that life interferes with the natural flows of energy in the body and that this unbalances the harmony. This in turn causes disease and illness to appear.

The Ayurveda put a lot of faith in oils and had been using them for many years to treat ailments. often in the form of a paste, the ingredients would be smeared over painful, aching limbs. The oils were added to the traditional Thai massage to allow the absorption of vital ingredients while the therapist would follow energy networks and unblocking any congestion through the movement and manipulation of the body.

The oils are highly concentrated and affect the limbic system of the brain. This area of the brain encourages the relaxation of the central nervous system, that in turns relaxes the mind and body. Many of the oils also work to improve your skin, this can include scaring becoming less visible, a reduction in swelling and decreasing puffiness.

As the therapy gained popularity and belief in the healing properties of the traditional Thai massage became better understood, curing clients through this method became a sought after and highly respectable profession.

The essential oils of the Thai fusion massage

With so many oils available, the Thai therapists, with the input of the Ayurveda doctors, have a set group of essential oils that they believe are necessary for the harmony and balance to be restored.

  • Jasmine oil

Jasmine oil has many uses but essentially it is used to restore mental health. If you are feeling low and like things are getting on top of you at the moment then jasmine is a good oil to have burning in your home as well as on your body. It is recommended as a herbal antidepressant that can ease the symptoms of depression and soothe the nerves.

As the Jasmine oil is absorbed into your body you should begin to feel a boost in confidence, positive thinking and an increased confidence. If your sex life is a little bit slow at the moment then it is also used as an aphrodisiac. On your next date night, get that oil burner going. Not only will it give you the energy to pursue your other half but the calming effect will reduce the occurrence of impotence, premature ejaculation and frigidity.

  • Lemon grass

This essential oil is used in Thai fusion massages as it kills microorganisms  and prevents regrowth. As an antiseptic it will remove the dead skin and organisms that are not required by your body and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and toned.

The antidepressant features of this oil make it ideal for the recovery of mental and physical difficulties, when mixed with the jasmine oil, both your body and mind should be feeling very relaxed.

Both lemon grass and jasmine oil have pain killing effects. This means that they can relieve painful muscles and joints while making them more flexible.

  • Papaya oil

This oil was originally used by Indian healers to treat rashes and dermatological issues. Due to its richness in omega 9 fatty acids, it makes the skin soft, supple and moisturised. Within the Thai fusion massage this oil is used for its anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects.

  • Coconut oil

This oil seems to get everywhere! Did you know that you can clean your teeth with it? I even opt for coconut shampoos. The aroma is relaxing and therefore aids the calmness and serenity of the massage. Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the body and does not leave a greasy covering. It is very healthy for the skin as it holds many vitamins, particularly vitamin E which is a good skin nourishment.

The oil loosens tension within the muscles and if added to a massage, the results are doubled. Coconut oil is an anti-microbial which means that it will keep infections under control when applied to the skin.

  • Bergamot is an oil that will relieve scattered thoughts. Use of this oil will promote the focus and clarity needed for life decisions and responsibilities.
  • Cedarwood is a soothing oil that provides you with strength and empowerment. By reducing negative energy it can lighten your mood.
  • Eucalyptus oil will ease coughs and congestion, breathing, aches, pains and it will even regulate the blood sugars. It can relieve the symptoms of asthma , inflammation and pain.
  • Lavender is an essential oil for the treatment of insomnia, depression, headaches, toothache and skin irritation. In addition to this, it aids the relief of restlessness, anxiety, aches, pains and headaches.
  • Tea tree oil is vital for the relief of colds, viruses bacterial and fungal issues like athletes foot.

What are the benefits of the Thai fusion massage?

So you have found yourself tense, aching, stressed and emotional. You are scouring the internet for a cure. You have come across the Thai fusion massage and had a good read about what it is and the oils that are used. Now you want to know what the benefits are and whether you will get what you need from it.

Well, the Thai fusion massage is suitable for pain relief, flexibility and relaxation all at once. Here are some of the ways that it will help:

  • Joint mobility is increased by the yoga-like movements that manipulate your body to allow the energy to flow smoothly again.
  • Muscle tension is released through the pressure that is placed upon the muscles and nerves by your therapist.
  • Blood circulation is improved due to the increased circulation from the movements and manipulation.
  • The neck pain and headaches that you may be constantly experiencing will be reduced. This is because of the released tension, nerves and blockages from the massage.
  • Due to the unique mixture of techniques and the influence of the chosen essential oils that are being absorbed into your system, Thai fusion massages will reduce your stress. The pain relief will also work to improve your mood.
  • With the energy meridians unblocked and flowing in harmony energy levels should increase.
  • Disconnection from life is possible for clients as when they are on the table they do not need to think or do anything other than allow the therapist to guide their body. Taking this time out from the busy, noisy world of decisions and choices can relieve the tension that leads to headaches and migraines.
  • This relaxation and the yoga positions support the relief of aches and pains caused by arthritis and sciatica.
  • The waste and toxins that are building up in your body will be eliminated.

All of the obstructions to your harmonic energy flow can be eradicated through the Thai fusion (oil) massage allowing for the circulation, energy and motion to move along as it is meant to.

What are the energy systems of Thai fusion massages?

Traditional Thai massages and therefore this part of the Thai fusion oil massage are based on unblocking the energy lines. In Thai fusion, these networks are called Sens. Although there are believed to be 72,000 energy systems within the human body, there are ten Sens that are considered to be important in this therapy and the decongestion of them is necessary for the flow of energy. Each Sen has a corresponding pathway through the body and certain organs and functions that they support

The systems are known as

  • Sen Sumana (respiratory, abdominal, heart, lungs and stomach)
  • Sen Ittha (head, nasal, kidneys, urinary and ability to sleep)
  • Sen Pingkala (gallbladder, liver, kidneys, eyes and shoulders)
  • Sen Kalathari (emotions, psychological and spiritual)
  • Sen Lawusang (ears and face)
  • Sen Ulangka (ears, sleep and skin)
  • Sen Sahastsaangsi (eyes, chest and lower abdomen)
  • Sen Thawari (face, eyes, fever and joints)
  • Sen Nanthakrawat (genitals, hormones and abdomen)
  • Sen Kitchanna (libido)

Each line passes through several organs and areas of the body. Every system that gets blocked can create both physical and emotional effects. Having an open and honest conversation with your therapist about what is going on in your body and mind can help the practitioner to know what area they need to concentrate on during your Thai fusion massage.

What happens at a Thai fusion massage session?

When you arrive for your Thai Fusion massage session you will spend some time talking to your therapist about the reasons you are there. This could be a maintenance massage to prevent a build up of energy or it could be because you have an issue that is getting in the way of your quality of life.

When you are ready you will be taken to the room that the massage will be practiced. This room should have aromatic smells that are used to relax you, there will usually be some relaxing music playing and the air will be warm and cosy for you.

You will be given some clean linen so that you can undress to whatever level you are comfortable and then you can lay on the padded table with the linen covering you to maintain your dignity.

To begin, the therapist will use the essential oils to focus on areas that ache, are tense and are causing you any discomfort. As the massage progresses the therapist will begin to gently rock, compress and stress different parts of your body. Between the essential oil massage and the Thai massage your energy blockages will be eliminated and the balance will be restored.

In a smooth and calming way the therapist will use their arms, palms and feet to move your body through a variety of unique actions. As this is continued, the joints will open and the internal organs will receive the gentle stimulation desired.

If you have experienced a traditional Thai massage before then you will notice  that the Thai Fusion massage is calmer, more gentle and that instead of being on the floor, you will remain on the table throughout. You will also observe that the stretches and manipulations are tranquil and peaceful.

The fluid movements of the Thai fusion massage is likely to last 90 minutes and within this time you will be worked through deep, rhythmic pressures, fingers, toes and ears pulled to attend to the energy lines. The back will be stretched and your knuckles cracked.

Once your Thai fusion massage comes to an end, you will be given some time to enjoy the free flowing energy that is now balanced and harmonic in privacy. When you are ready and have redressed, you can meet your therapist outside of the room and arrange your next session.

For ultimate relaxation, maintenance and a permanent flow of energy, monthly sessions would be recommended.

The thinking behind Thai fusion

According to the ancient healers Thai fusion sees the body as a whole, where the physical body and the energy within it are one container. Anything that attempts to separate the two is harmful to the client and the therapist must work in conjunction with his or her patient to reunite the two elements in harmony.

As the therapist will provide a non-judgemental atmosphere and demeanour the client will feel confident in the therapy so that they are in tune with one another, the movements flow and the session is successful.

Practitioners who have mastered the art of healing through the use of energy systems need to be in tune with their clients energy flow. Meditation is the ideal state for the therapist to be in while performing the Thai fusion massage and will be likely to be found preparing themselves while you are getting ready for the therapy to start. If you masseuse has not perfected the meditative mood then they will lack the intuition needed to feel the energy flow and to notice how the energy lines are interacting. If the masseuse is unable tot reach this understanding of the body then the massage will feel mechanical rather than a powerful healing experience.

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