Deep Tissue Massage

Unwind with this gentle & calming treatment

  • Your condition: Tension, Stiffness, Muscular Aches
  • Applied Pressure: Strong
  • Type: Strong pressure using elbows, forearms and fists.

Although some people believe that the deep tissue massage can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks and the Egyptian Pharaohs Dr. Therese Phimmer turned the therapy into a well-known, sought after massage in the 1946.

Having become paralysed from the waist down following an accident, Therese rubbed the deep tissue of her legs every day and gradually her feeling and ability to work returned.

Intended for musculoskeletal issues, the deep tissue massage is ideal for sprains, strains, sports injuries, and healing. It is a well-known drug-free way to relax and repair.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage are:

Dulwich massage home visits offer deep tissue massages for a range of conditions – from tension, stiffness, and muscular aches to deeper sprains and musculoskeletal issues. Our massage therapists are well-trained and experienced in dealing with a variety of issues and conditions, and we can offer relief from longstanding and chronic aches and pains. 

The technique utilises strong pressure from elbows, fists, and forearms applied to points on the skeletal system and muscles to work out tension and encourage proper blood flow and circulation. This in turn can reduce blood pressure and increase the proliferation of pain blocking hormones, meaning that following a deep tissue massage from our clinic in Dulwich, you’ll experience long-lasting relief from whatever condition you’re enduring.  

While intended for musculoskeletal issues such as aches, pains, and sprains, a deep tissue massage can also benefit those with fibromyalgia and nervous system issues. The deep tissue massage promotes the proper healing of a range of conditions which involve the flow of hormones and blood around the body, so whatever you’re dealing with, come into our Dulwich massage clinic today. 

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