Pregnancy Pre Natal Massage

Unwind with this gentle & calming treatment

  • Your condition: Tension, Tiredness, Stress
  • Applied Pressure: Light-Medium
  • Type: Relaxing, Calming, Energising
  • Suitable for after the first trimester (13 weeks+ or 16 weeks for first pregnancy)

Congratulations on your pregnancy. This is a time that is full of excitement and an eagerness to meet the life that is growing inside you. Unfortunately, it is also a time when you may be feeling anxious and nervous about your future. These nerves will be creating knots, stresses and tension throughout your body. Moreover, you are carrying more weight than your body is used to and the baby is probably finding it appropriate to poke his or her arm or foot into your ribs, kidneys, lungs, bladder and any other organ or muscle that is in the way.

Additionally you are likely to be experiencing more fatigue, heightened emotions and possibly feeling vulnerable and strained. This a great time to experience a bit of self-care and attempt to recuperate. Experiencing a pregnancy massage can achieve exactly what you need to make the last few months bearable.

We have a qualified therapist who is specifically trained in prenatal massage and can help you to feel calm, prepared and ready for your pregnancy massage so that you can rest assured that your baby is getting everything that it needs.

A pregnancy massage is gentle, soothing and highly relaxing. It is a safe way to alleviate your aches and pains while allowing you to feel pampered and at peace.

Please note: Please book, but note we will require permission to treat from your Midwife or Doctor (an email will do) prior to treatment – this is a standard requirement from the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

A pregnancy massage can help to alleviate

For expecting mothers, a pre-natal massage can help to deal with the stresses and strains that pregnancy puts on your body. The impact of pregnancy on the body can be drastic, and in many ways, unexpected, and a pre-natal massage delivered in our Dulwich massage clinic can help you to feel more comfortable long after the therapy. During the final trimester especially, a pregnancy massage gives you the right frame of mind to push through the final months of pregnancy with a positive mindset and with as little stress as possible. 

One of the key aspects to a prenatal massage is the boost to mental health and mentality. The encouragement of blood flow and proper circulation can be critical to releasing key endorphins and other hormones which will give you a lift mentally and make any fatigue and strain easier to deal with. Our trained massage therapists in the Origins Therapy studio in Dulwich know how tough the final months of a pregnancy can be – particularly for the first time – and we’ll work to ensure that the process is as easy as possible for you. 

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